Our Team

Due to a defined mission and by using experienced team workers and specialists we are able to deliver the highest quality and best priced bulk dried fruits and nuts to processors, manufacturers, stores and other volume buyers. Our team consists of highly qualified and knowledgeable professionals that are passionate and dedicated to our clients. We live by the idea that most importantly, a new employee’s personality must fit in with our existing choice team, whereas missing hard skills can be promoted as part of our training on the job and of course in the daily communication with our team, if necessary. With our in depth knowledge of customer needs and through utilization of a vast and well established network of business professionals, the team is able to quickly and accurately create solutions to suit a broad range of business needs. Our physical presence in Iran, means that we can provide the best possible dried fruits and nuts originally from Iran to our clients in a timely and effective manner, whilst always adhering to the highest levels of quality.

Farm & WareHouse

We have a network of farms in key points of Iran where weather conditions, light and nutrition are suitable for each product. For example palm trees grow in tropical and warm climate in southern and eastern cities like Khuzestan, Bushehr and Bandar Abbas in the south and Sistan-Baluchistan, Jiroft and Bam in the in the southeast of Iran. Another example is pistachio which needs great soil, suitable sunshine and unmatched atmosphere that all together create a unique situation for cultivating this fruit which can be found in Rafsanjan and Kerman cities. In order to get high kernel ratio and being high resistance to temperature fluctuation, therefore preserving the taste and flavor under different circumstances choosing a right farm with suitable conditions is of great importance. The real difference in how our products taste starts with the health of our farm’s soil. Our inspectors carefully inspect the farms to select the best nutrient-rich soils which enhances the flavor of products. In growing our food we refuse to compromise the health of the land, its wildlife and our farm crew. In fact, our farming methods enhance the land, wildlife habitat, and the life of those who work it and the food it grows. We do all of this through managing our biodiversity and applying regenerative soil farming methods. Every detail in products’ cultivation, quality, nutrients and other parameters get carefully checked by specialists. We believe that product quality and customer satisfaction are much more important than the seller’s profit, and for this purpose we spend a lot of time for applying regenerative soil farming methods, checking products quality as well as their appearance. Pooya Payam Saderat Company has also warehouses near to farms in each region for proper storage and preparation of the product. Products that must be stored in cool weather, are stored in special refrigerated warehouses to maintain its freshness and delicious taste until the product reaches to our customers.

Our Technology

Our products get inspected by modern machines such as Laser Sorter, X-Ray Scanner, and Metal detector to be free of any foreign materials, plus in some cases Hand-Picking which all enables us to meet the highest quality standards. Packaging process is also gets done with minimal human intervention and all help us to offer excellent services to our international clients all around the world. The cartons used for packaging are made of the best materials and are completely clean and hygienic. Product selection, preparation, cleaning and packaging process are very important for us so that the customer receives the best product in terms of quality, taste, cleanliness and packaging.