This variety of dates are opal dark red to blackish brown in color, with a velvety texture and the skin is stuck to the fleshy part. They have a very small seed, even though this type of dates is bigger than others.


Piarom (or Maryami) dates are longer than others; this kind also is one of the best and richest dates in the world. The coloring is dark brown and the skin is thin; fleshy part and skin is complete separate.


It is the most early-ripening type of dates in Iran. This group of Iranian dates are coarse with small seed; the coloring is attractive black together with a soft and juicy texture.
Kalooteh Dates (also known as Kaliteh/Kalateh Dates) are one other type of fresh dates. The special features of Kalooteh date are high fiber and they are very similar to Mazafati dates except that its texture is slightly stiffer. This kind has sweet taste, soft meaty texture and is relatively ...
Mazafati date (is also famous as Bam Dates) is the most delicious, top-selling fresh and soft date fruit in the world markets. Its texture is fleshy, full of moister and juicy; together with a thin and Fully-cling to the flesh skin.


The most amount of Iranian dates export belongs to this category. Sayer (or Esta’maran) dates are dark orange-brown, have a high level of sugar and redundant juice. The seed easily separates from the flesh. These dates used as pitted or un-pitted for direct consumption or for industrial purposes. The ...


Zahedi date is very different in appearance; they are hard and shiny. This kind is a late-ripening type of dates. The top of the fruit has a dark color and on the end, near the cape is yellow to light brown. Sometimes the skin sticks to the flesh and ...
It is kind of a paste that is made of Sayer dates. Date paste is a wonderful alternative for sugar, since has no additional sugar or any other substance and is a very good option for diabetic people. It can be used in bakery, confectionery and as a food ...
It is a thick liquid extracted from dates and has different names as date honey, date syrup or date molasses. People in North African and Middle East wildly use this syrup in cooking.

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