It is a kind of Sultana raisins and has given its name from Malayer city which is located in the northwest of Iran, in Hamadan province. The percentage of sulfur in Malayer Sultana raisins. is more than Sultana so it is a bit lighter. the less sulfur dioxide, the ...
Sultanas are made from green seedless grapes in which due to their very high sugar content, sultanas are very sweet and similar in flavor to honey. Sultanas can be coated with sulfur in order to gain a light brown color but the most popular one is the dark brown ...
Golden raisins are a type of seedless grape, grown in the most parts of Iran, that has been dried. The fruit is generally dried in dehydrators with controlled temperature and humidity in the presence a preservative called sulfur dioxide for color retention.
Green Raisin Jumbo also is produced from seedless grapes and is naturally green, but if sulfur is added the color will be a yellowish green. Based on their long length shape this variety also is known as long raisins.

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